WHEC Mock Elections

Elec4Those of you not suffering from election fatigue will be interested to read that the WHEC Mock Election drew to an exciting close this week. Following an excellent hustings meeting on Tuesday lunchtime, students were eager to cast their votes for their preferred candidate.

The results were 8 to the Conservative Party; 47 to the Liberal Democrats; 25 to UKIP; 24 to Labour 41 to SNP and 27 for The Green Party – Congratulations to the LibDem team and their candidate Chloe Johnstone who was presented with her certificate from the Hansard Society.

We hope this election has given the students at least a taste of the democratic process and begun to engage them in it. Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest and special thanks to the six candidates– Jamie Buchanan, Chloe Johnstone, Cameron Nolan, Tiegan O’Neill, Mika Singh and Megan Tant – who ‘volunteered’ to represent the Parties in the first place and who did such a great job.