Waterstones Book selection October 2015

w3On a very dreich October afternoon, the school Librarian and ten S2 students visited Waterston’s Bookshop, in Princes Street.

These students had all participated in Edinburgh University’s Lloyd’s scholars programme, last session. This programme encourages students to consider careers that would require them to study at university, when they are older. The course lasts ten weeks and includes visits to the Vet School, Physical Education gym, the Law courts, Dance Theatre etc. The students then present their experiences at a celebration evening in June. However, the course does not finish there. The students were then given the responsibility of spending £500 to buy books for their school Library.

These ten S2 students were ably assisted by the staff at Waterstone’s Bookshop who were friendly and helpful, directing the youngsters to the correct shelves and looking out author posters …and then treated them to a mug of hot chocolate or a latte in the Bookshop cafe!

The students made excellent book choices, considering the likes and dislikes of their friends back at school as well as what they would enjoy reading. Thanks to a generous discount from the staff at Waterston’s, the afternoon’s book selection will add around 75 new titles, plus one or two extra free books, to the school library’s stock!