The Month in Pictures – May 19

Pupils take on a multitude of climbing walls, as part of ‘Meaningful May’.
A bit of bouldering for these pioneering pupils.
Scaling the heights.
WHEC girls taking part in the annual Spartan’s Community Football Club’s ‘Girls Football Festival’
Well done to our S1 Special Awards winners Eboni, Braeden and Daniel.
Things taking shape at the Bake Off during Activities Week.
The icredible creations of the Bake Off participants.
Pupils visiting the Scottish Football Museum at Hampden during Activities Week.
Holding the Scottish Cup at Hampden
Amongst the forest canopy at ‘Go Ape’, during Activities Week.
Pupils tested their balance and head for heights in the tree tops.
High above the forest floor.
Taking a break from the rides at Alton Towers.
Scoping out the roller coasters and other spectacles…
Some of the ‘Outward Bound’ team taking on the great outdoors during Activities Week.
Braving the ice cold waters of Ullswater, Lake District National Park.
Getting ready to row their way to their next adventure
Taking on sheer rock faces.
Clambering their way to the top of mountains.
Some of the intrepid adventurers tackling a gorge walk.
Some even went cliff jumping into the cold deep waters of Ullswater.
While others went underground!
Taking in the beautiful lanscapes of the Lake District National Park.
Returning to camp through some more beautiful scenery.
All of the explorers gathered for a camp fire and some toasting of marhsmallow.
Pupils visiting the spine-chilling Mary King’s Close under the streets of Edinburgh during Activities Week.