The Month in Pictures – February 2019

Concentration at the cycling club
Checking the brakes
Threading on a new chain
Final checks
The boys are presented with their certificates for excellent work in the Bycycle Building & Maintenance Class.
Our Library has now moved to the second floor in C Block
Mr Stirling our CDT Technician did an excellent job reassembling the bespoke shelfing
And we went from this……….
………to this, with our new Libriarian Miss Prince setting up all the books & computers.
Two of our pupils were awarded a third place from the Association of Hairdressers – Prom Make-Up Compitition.
Art and Design: S2 Still life drawing fun!!!
On 20 February ZooLab visited WHEC
The pupils tought it was really exciting
First up was a little rain forest frog
Luckly he did’Luckily he didn’t want to leave his box
Who’s watching who?
Then it was time for a large spider
Pretty Tortoise
Pupils handled the creatures with great care
Even these giant Cockroaches were looked after!
Apparently they tickled as they walked over your hand!
The Scorpion was definitely not one to handle
And we finished with this amazing snake
What a beauty
Our Fearless Librarian, Miss Prince
The visit by ZooLab was a great success, enjoyable and informative