The Kids’ Lit Quiz

IMG_6402The Kids’ Lit Quiz is an annual international literature quiz for students aged 10 – 13 years. Quizzes are held in New Zealand, the UK, South Africa, Canada China, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong!!

Wayne Mills, the Quizmaster, is a senior Education lecturer at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He launched the Kids Lit Quiz™ in 1991 because he felt that students who enjoy reading, don’t often get a chance to enter competitions in the way that students who enjoy sports have the opportunity to compete and win prizes. Wayne has won international recognition for his contribution to both literature and literacy around the world. He reads enough books to write several thousand quiz questions each year and has never repeated a question!

For the first time, Wester Hailes Education Centre entered a team; an S2 team from amongst our keenest readers in the Library “Chapters” reading group: Anthony Scott, Amy Grieve, Erin Campbell and Adam Pearson.

logoThis east of Scotland quiz heat was superbly hosted by Liberton High School. As well as having three guest authors to speak to the young people and give away books, we were provided with refreshments half way through the afternoon. Many students and some teachers also went home with book and cash prizes!

Our four competitors represented this school very well, although competition was quite fierce coming from over a dozen schools, both state and private. Although our team did not win, the students enjoyed the competitive element and have instructed me to begin coaching next year’s team – as soon as I can J

The winning team came from St Thomas of Aquins, an Edinburgh state rather than private school. Well done to their team and their Librarian!

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