The Curriculum


The new curriculum aims to raise standards of attainment and prepare our students for a future in a fast changing world.

The current curriculum is outlined below.

Curriculum 2018-19

Curriculum Plan 2019-20

To encourage the students to be responsible for their own learning the students each have a member of staff who mentors them. This happens during tutor time each morning. Students are interviewed on a regular basis to discuss their progress. From the discussion agreement is reached about short term targets for the student. The students then work on strategies to achieve their targets over the next month and this is discussed at their next mentoring meeting.

The school curriculum is divided into two distinct stages.

The S1 – S3 curriculum is where students experience a broad general education in all curricular areas. At the same time it prepares the students for a smooth transition into the Senior Phase.

In S1 when the students arrive from primary school they are placed in tutor groups of up to 20 students. By working closely with primary staff we ensure that all students are placed in a group together with a friend. They study most of their first year in these classes which helps to build a positive and secure learning environment for the students.

In S1 students follow a common timetable that covers the eight curricular areas;

Maths, English, Science, Religious and Moral Education, Social Studies, Expressive Arts, Technologies, Health and Well Being

Modern Languages3
Social Subjects4
Social Education1
Home Economics2

At the end of S1 students will be given support for personal choice in the curricular areas they wish to study in more depth. Students will continue to study experiences and outcomes across the curricular areas. Staff will work with students and parents to ensure that appropriate choices are made.

In S2 and S3 the students continue to experience all eight curricular areas but also have the choice to study some subjects within a curricular area to greater depth.

PSE is taught one period per week throughout S2 and S3.

RME is taught one period per week in S2 and for two periods in S3. Students will gain a certificate at the end of S3.

The Senior Phase allows the students to choose the appropriate pathway for their needs. Our senior phase caters for all students whether it is entry into University, College or developing the skills needed for employment.

The introduction of an S4 to S6 curriculum has allowed the school to offer more choice in the upper school curriculum. There is now a good balance between academic and vocational courses. This in turn allows the school to meet the needs of the vast majority of our students with appropriate challenges and experiences.

The school always attempts to accommodate the needs of our students and therefore a subject that is not offered this year at a particular level may be offered in future years.

Students are supported whilst making their course choices. Maths is not compulsory if a student has gained a SCQF level 4 in these subjects. Students who have the potential or the desire to go on to further education will be strongly recommended to continue their study in these subjects.

The school also offers a wide range of vocational courses and formally accredits opportunities for wider achievement.