Thank You to the Amazing Lifeguards

On Monday 28 August 2017 representatives of the Senior Leadership Team and Recreation Dept. welcomed Salim Unis and his family to the Centre. The purpose of the meeting was to re-unite Salim with members of the Lifeguard team who saved his life on Tuesday 1 August 2017.

On Tuesday 1 August 2017 Salim was swimming with his brother Xavier when he became unwell in the Diving Pool. Salim was rescued from the Diving Pool and subsequently went in to Cardiac Arrest. The Lifeguard team successfully resuscitated him with use of the Centre’s Defibrillator, they then reassured and comforted him (and his family) until the arrival of the emergency services.

The Unis family acknowledged the professionalism of the Lifeguard team and thanked them for their quick and caring response. The incident highlights the importance of Defibrillators in public places and having appropriately trained staff to use them.

The Lifeguard team look forward to seeing Salim back in the Swimming Pool again soon.