K Corrigan                Curriculum Leader (Maths & Technologies)

S Valentine               Business Education/Admin

K Horn                      Business Education/Admin

G Kirk                       Computing

A Stanley                  Craft, Design & Technology

J Haley                     Maths /Craft, Design & Technology

D Stirling                  Technician

Aims & Objectives

The atmosphere in the Technologies Faculty is supportive, challenging and creative. The Faculty has developed an ethos of using technology to actively engage pupils in their learning. All staff are also developing skills in more than one discipline which helps to provide the innovation and flexibility required to effectively deliver a broad curriculum. The faculty sets and expects high standards of work and engages students through a variety of teaching styles.


Senior School:

  • National 4, 5 Administration & ICT
  • National 4, 5 and Higher Business Management
  • National 4 and 5 Woodworking Skills
  • National 5 and Higher Design and Manufacture
  • National 5 and Higher Computing Science

Senior Wider Achievement:

  • Computer Games Development

S1-3 Curriculum for Excellence:

  • S1 and S2 pupils develop an understanding of Administration, Business, Computing, Craft Design and Technology and ICT through lessons taught by specialist teachers for one hour per week. These courses are designed to improve their entrepreneurial skills, problem-solving ability, and practical skills as well as enhance their numeracy and literacy skills along with computational skills.
  • S3 Admin and IT is a course designed to enhance pupil’s knowledge and use of various ICT and understand how these are used within a business context. The course will also introduce pupils to some basic business theory allowing them an glance into the world of work.
  • S3 Business Management is a course designed to enhance pupils’ understanding of the world we live in and the impact business has on us. We look at basic business terminology and through practical tasks looks at how we as consumers are influences by business, and how businesses operate to become successful.
  • S3 Computing is designed to enhance pupils coding skills and introduce them to some of the concepts studied at National 4/5.
  • S3 Design and Manufacture is a course that is set out to introduce the processes of problem solving through design. During this course student develop their skills in design graphics, model making and are introduced to the design process.
  • S3 Practical Woodwork is a practical based course designed to develop students manual skills and self-confidence. This course is mainly workshop based and students develop their skills through a number of practical projects. In addition to enhancing numeracy skills students gain confidence of how to approach complex practical activities.

S2/3 – Wider achievement

S2/3 Young Entrepreneurs is a chosen wider achievement course for pupils who wish to develop their entrepreneurial skills, such as creativity, problem solving, team working, finance and management. Pupils look at the traits entrepreneurs have as well as identify those traits in themselves to enable them to develop and run a small business.

Supported Study

  • Design and Manufacture N5/H & Practical Woodwork Nat 5 – Friday after school
  • Senior Administration and Business Management– Monday after school
  • Computing – Friday after school
  • LEGO Club – (S1/2) – Thursday lunch


Home learning activities are set regularly for the senior classes. The more practical classes and common Technology courses do not have specific homework set due to the practical nature of the course.

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