SQA Provisional Results Sharing – National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Only

Dear Parent/Carer,

You will be aware that we will email your child a letter this afternoon which will explain the provisional grades we will submit to SQA at the end of this week. You will receive a copy of this letter by post sent from school today. The letter explains the process of setting these provisional grades, as well as a link to SQA’s appeals process and information about support which is available from Skills Development Scotland over the summer.

If your child thinks there has been a clerical error in collating these results then please do get in touch with us so that we can check. Unfortunately in terms of making appeals, we cannot discuss these grades before the end of term, but our staff will be available to discuss possible appeals with your child once schools resumes (from 18 August). Your child does have the right to make a direct appeal to SQA over the summer, as our letter will explain. Note that the deadline for priority appeals – those where the offer of a place at higher or further education are involved – is 24 August.

If your child is concerned about the impact of these results on their chosen pathway, do please encourage them to get in touch with their Pupil Support Leader before the end of term.