Social Subjects


Geography girl landscape


S Sinclair                  Curriculum Leader – Modern Studies

K Oliver                    History

R Dawson                History

J Alexander             RME

Aims & Objectives

Through a variety of teaching and learning styles the Social Subjects and RME Faculty aims to encourage students to achieve a sound knowledge and understanding of the syllabus and to develop skills of analysis, evaluation, listening, critical reading, research, empathy and discussion. The faculty is committed to providing all students with the highest standards of learning and teaching and seeks at all times to encourage students to maximise their potential. The Faculty is committed to providing a wide range of opportunities for students. A variety of educational excursions to places of interest and the input of visiting speakers are integral to the work of the Faculty.


Senior School:

  • In S4/5/6 students can progress at a pace that suits their level of ability. National 3/4/5 and Higher are offered in all subject areas.
  • A course in Travel and Tourism is also available for students which allow a progression into employment and college courses within the tourism sector.

S1-3 Curriculum for Excellence:

  • S1/2 students follow a combined course that introduces units of Modern Studies, Geography, and History.
  • 1 period a week of core RME S1-4
  • S3 have a choice to study Modern Studies, History or Geography
  • In S3 all students work towards a Religion, Belief and Values award.

Supported Study

After school supported study sessions and available to senior students


All students from S1 to S6 are given homework as appropriate. (S1/2 – monthly, S3/4 – fortnightly, S5/6 weekly – fortnightly or essays)

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