Royal Lyceum Theatre on Project Scrooge

Scrooge 5S3 students have recently had the privilege of working with the Royal Lyceum Theatre on Project Scrooge. We were one of only 6 secondary schools to be accepted onto this project.

The project is led by teachers and theatre artists who explore creativity and inter-disciplinary learning through a series of creative challenges inspired by the production of A Christmas Carol. Each project was individual to each school and students were allowed to develop their creative skills thinking skills.

All S3 students attended a performance of a Christmas Carol at the Lyceum which sparked their imaginations. Then over three days they worked in small teams to create a Project Scrooge extravaganza which included giant puppets, live reporting and tweeting, Christmas Crafts, dance and shops and money through the ages.

The students and staff all worked extremely well to produce a living museum with a live performance at the end. This experience engaged both students and staff and was extremely well received by parents and visitors.

Scrooge 4