Paris Update 25.05.20

Dear parent/carers and pupils

I’m sure, like me, you will be reflecting on how good it would have been to be travelling to Paris with your friends and teachers. I hope over time, we’ll be able to organise something else in the future on a similar scale and make it a special school trip.

As the date for travel has elapsed, our Travel Company (Equity) are now legally obliged to refund the school the amount paid. If everything was ‘normal’ (pre –covid 19) we should have a refund within 14 days however due to the updated information from the Competition and Market Authorities (CMA) this could take much longer.

I find this unsatisfactory and have discussed this with City of Edinburgh Council who have been very supportive. We have therefore made an arrangement that means, unless we can’t get into the our school this week or there is a problem with transactions from CEC to our school, we should be able to refund what you paid in this week.

What you need to do next

Updates                             wb 25.5.20 – please check the website daily for updates

Provisional Date                Friday 29th May

Timings                             0930 -1130

Where                              School Community Hall

Conditions      Current social distancing will be in place and a one way system will be in place and we would ask you to be patient about this.

We will check the balance you paid in and refund you that amount by cheque – which you will have to sign for.