Paris 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

Paris 2020

I have been in contact with our Tour Operator Equity Travel. As you can imagine their response time has been slowed somewhat by changes to staffing compounded by having to cancel imminent trips abroad in the months of March and April.

There are two options

  1. We postpone the trip to late September, early October 2020. This is 7 months away and I am hoping the potential risk will be minimal and we will have returned to a ‘normal pattern’ of living at this time. Equity Travel have informed me that there may some additional costs e.g. if we have to use different hotel availability but I want to reassure that there will no additional cost to you. The school will meet that cost.
  1. If we cancel the trip, changes or cancellations will be at Equity Travel’s normal terms and conditions. The cancellation fee for ourr trip will be at 70% of your final balance. The full details for can be found here:

Therefore you will receive a refund of £294

Cost of trip – £420

Minus 30% – £126

Refund – £ 294

The trip is underwritten by Endsleigh Insurance and I’m trying to contact them and explore if we meet the criteria for a full refund or how we get back the 30% loss but as you know, Insurance companies can be slow at the best of times, never mind in the Covid-19 crisis.

What you need to do next

If you decide on Option 1 – do nothing.  I will assume you are happy with what we are planning  and want keep ‘spirits’ up in the current climate.

If you decide on Option 2- email no later than Thursday 9th April

Indicating that you wish to cancel the trip and I will explore the possibilities with Equity Travel and Endsleigh Insurance.

Please note- the school is currently closed and there are no clear signs that we will be open post Easter (wb 20.04.20). I cannot guarantee that any sums of money will be returned to you timeously and will endeavour to keep you updated.

Best wishes at this unprecedented time.

D Young