Major Achievement at Career Ready

Ebrahin Hassan – Regional Winner for Edinburgh, Midlothian and
Shona Valentine – Santander Employability Champion of the Year Award – Scotland

Career Ready – Graduating 2019

Chloe Calver-Wood, internship at Standard Life with mentor Kathleen Wilkie

“I am interested in Career Ready as I have never done anything like it before, it could help me gain some social skills as I am quite shy and quiet so this would help me gain some confidence.“

Erin Campbell, internship at Standard Life with mentor Colin Wilkinson

“I think this would be a good opportunity to boost my confidence because I am very shy and find it hard to participate in group discussion”

Ebrahin Hassan, internship at British Gas with mentor Amanda Moir

“Enhancing my work experience, my abilities, confidence, and my CV”

Klaudia Mejza, internship at Search Consultancy Limited with mentor Jess Steel

“I think this opportunity would boost my confidence a little bit because I can be shy sometimes especially with talking with strangers.”

Sonia Osadolar, internship at The Scottish Government with mentor Susan Lane

“I want to experience what work is like. It also gives me an idea of how it will be when I leave school.”

Above is what the Wester Hailes Education Centre students thought at the beginning of their Career Ready journey. Over the last 2 years the students have committed to Masterclasses where they are provide with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to kick-start rewarding futures, workshops that are delivered by employer volunteers, they connect young people with the world of work in a fun and inspiring way.

All pupils undertook an internship with their mentor’s workplace, working of projects and delivering a presentation at the end of their time to mentors, manager and school staff. All pupils performed brilliantly through their placement, with very positive feedback from all employers, truly immersing into the world of work. Full working days, overcoming personal worries and working competently with older, more experienced staff. Pupils built professional relationships and were a credit to themselves and their school, as well as the Career Ready program.

All students would agree that the experience has been beneficial to them. It has helped their confidence grow, allowed them to overcome their shyness, as well as challenge themselves, all with fantastic outcomes.

In additional to the amazing experience all students had, Ebrahin Hassan was awarded – Career Ready Student of the Year, Regional Winner for Edinburgh. Ebrahin has overcome some difficult and unique barriers to excel in Career Ready. Arriving in the UK in 2016, the confidence of effectively communicating with his ever improving English was one hurdle he had to overcome quickly. Initially living with his brother, the money earned during his internship was marked for finding accommodation for himself, as living with his brother was no longer an option. With this clear goal in mind, as well as future plans for a career in some form of engineering he fully applied himself to his placement at British Gas. Now he is living independently, supporting himself while attending school full-time. He is working part-time and studying to achieve good grades in the upcoming exams. As a result of a great interview, Ebrahin has met with a senior employee at Standard Life Aberdeen who would like to support him in his future pathway. His positive first impression and continuing motivation and determination has been helped by his Career Ready experience. Ebrahin is a truly remarkable WHEC pupil, Career Ready graduate and we are very proud of all he has achieved.

Finally, Shona Valentine, the Career Ready Co-ordinator at WHEC was awarded with – Santander Employability Champion of the Year Award – Scotland. David Young, Headteacher at Wester Hailes Education Centre stated “Shona is an advocate for our young people and school. She epitomises the commitment we make to ensure all our pupils achieve regardless of their background or ability. She is aware of each individuals’ needs and maintains contact with them pre, during and post their Career Ready experience – she genuinely is immersed in improving the life chances for each pupil.” He also added “Shona is also extremely patient and understanding of their individual needs and provided many creative strategies to engage pupils in Career Ready”. Finally “Her attention to detail and ‘sense making’ for mentors is inspirational as she helps them to understand the barriers our pupils are facing. Once this has taken place, the relationships between the mentor and pupils are significantly stronger and non-judgemental.”

At WHEC be want to help our young people gain skills, confidence and opportunity to enjoy a rewarding future. That’s why we run the Career Ready program, to connect young people with the world of work, unlocking their potential and levelling the playing field.