Pupils take part in SQA Leadership and Mentoring Academy

Well done to Ilva and Brandon who took part in the SQA Leadership and Mentoring Academy with Active Schools during the February break.

As part of the ‘Assisting an Activity’ unit of the course, the pupils learned how to plan lessons, complete risk assessments, assist an activity and review an activity with a chosen sport.

Ilva and Brandon also completed the “Introduction to Coaching Children” course, teaching them the skills to coach children from nursery to P3 in activities and games aimed at promoting agility, balance and coordination.

This achievement shows great great enthusiasm and dedication, with the pupils giving up their holiday time and Friday afternoons to develop and further support their learning with Active Schools.

Both pupils expressed how much they enjoyed the course and although it was challenging, it allowed them to push themselves and step out of their comfort zones. This was particularly when having to demonstrate and speak about their learning with other Young Ambassadors from other Edinburgh schools.