Kindle Fire gifted to School Library


On Friday afternoon our S2 Chapters group were visited by Dr Neil Speirs from Edinburgh University. A group of seven students presented a power point of their book selection visit to Waterstones Bookshop and outlined their criteria for choosing certain titles for the school library. The funding for this purchase was awarded by Lloyds Scholars. Each of the three High Schools (Leith, Liberton and WHEC) participating in the S1 Introduction to University course, was awarded the same. The students then spoke about their school subjects and future study at University; about careers as a vet, an engineer, in nursing and in sports science. Dr Speirs commended their good efforts and presented the Librarian with a Kindle Fire for use in the school Library. He said he was looking forward to meeting this session’s S1 students, at the next university course in April 2015.