Headteacher’s update 11.02.22

Dear Parent,

As always I hope you and your family are well. I want to start by reassuring you that in spite of some of COVID or financial pressure you may face, we will always be there for you and we’re adapting all our resources to make school as enjoyable and equitable for your son/daughter. Over the next two weeks we will be aligning  our budget once again to ensure no curricular costs are incurred for any pupil in our school (for subjects such as Home Economics, Practical Woodwork or Art). We will also be exploring how we can support you further with uniform and clothing to ensure our high standards are met without disproportionately affecting your income. Furthermore we will be looking at how we can support you further using our partners in the Maximise  (Maximise! Our New School Project | CHAI (chaiedinburgh.org.uk)) service. Finally I would to extend our personal support to you – especially if there is anything worrying you or is affecting your son/daughter attendance or progress at school, please contact as us and together, we’ll be able to find a solution.

The second part of this update refers to the new school build of Wester Hailes High School. The new build is being planned with the City of Edinburgh Council and our project lead for the school is Miss Walker (DHT). I have always maintained the view that the schools is ours (as in it serves our community) and therefore we want  you to have a stake in that process. Very soon after the February break Miss Walker will be in contact with all parents and carers to start ‘engagement’ and gather your perspectives and views so we can communicate them directly to our planners and architects. Miss Walker will also generate a more comprehensive newsletter process for you to see, first hand, what is going on at the school.

I am about to go on annual leave for a few days and the school will reopen on Monday 21st February to all pupils. In the meantime I will leave you where I started this update, extending my reassurances and support that we will continue to make sure all our available resources are used to make sure your son/daughter can attend and achieve in school.

Best wishes

David Young