Headteacher’s Update 27.08.21

Dear parent/carer.

First and foremost I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your patience and understanding over the course of the last four days. You, and you children have had to adapt to these new extenuating circumstances and I know many will be concerned about the potential impact this may have had . Over the course of the next few weeks or so we will be publishing a number of updates that will indicate how we can make up the time in lost learning and I would ask that you keep a look out for these updates and spend some time with your son/daughter. Finally, I am pleased to report that our catering staff moved heaven and earth to ensure a full service was offered today and we will be open on Monday 30th August as normal and we look forward to seeing your children back where they belong; in school learning how to achieve their potential.

Best wishes

David Young