Headteacher’s Update 19.11.21

Dear Parent/Carer,

I am writing to you with a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ but also a plea. First and foremost ‘Thank You’ for all you are doing to support the school with our uniform, ties and attendance. I know from experience with my two children (who are a bit older than yours) that teenagers have their ups and downs and don’t always see the deferred benefits or what you’ve invested for them. However, now that my children are in the world of work, they are grateful for the investment made all those years ago. You can see all the uniform updates on our Facebook page and S3 and S4 will receiving their ties over the next two weeks.

The second issue and my plea is around COVID. If we reflect on this time last year, most of us weren’t vaccinated and testing was relatively hard to do, consequently case numbers were on the rise across Edinburgh (and Scotland). You may be aware from the Warn and Inform letters we are sending out that case numbers are on the rise again across Edinburgh and whilst it’s not obvious where the cases are originating from, we know that we can do two things that will help to mitigate COVID risk and that is my plea to you.

  1. Wear a face covering (unless a medically exempt) and sanitise.
  2. Test regularly – twice a week if possible. We have LFD tests in school and can issue them to your son/daughter on request – all they have to do is ask their Guidance teacher and we’ll issue them.

I’m very, very aware that many families are testing regularly and I’m very grateful for the honesty and positivity  from many of parents about how we managing the ongoing COVID situation.

As always I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy.

Best wishes


David Young