Headteacher’s Update 12.03.21

Dear Parent/Carer,

You’ll be glad to know that this update is much shorter than last week’s tome. Following the success of Phase 1 of the return to face to face learning (remember that 5%-8% of the school role from 22nd Feb) we are ready to embark on Phase 2 of face to face learning. On Wednesday 10th March, I posted all the details on our website ;they are still there for ease of reference should you need to go back and look at them. You may also be aware of the headlines this week in the Edinburgh Evening News and subsequent concerns and points of view raised which have exacerbated and heightened many people prior to Monday 15th March.

Therefore this is the bit where I need your support, as a parent/carer,  to spend a few moments with your son/daughter explaining how sensitive and things are prior to restarting on Monday. 

  • Everyone (pupils and staff) is expected to wear a face covering unless they have a medical exemption form their GP.
  • 2m social distancing is in place in all class rooms and must be complied with. 2m outside of class should be observed where possible.
  • Sanitising hands at the start of every lesson is the expectation , wiping down the table and chair is the expectation at the end.
  • There is no catering provision expect for those who are entitled to a free school meal.

These four messages will be reiterated throughout the week when pupils are in school and if we all play our part, I should be in a position, one week from now, to report on how successful our week has been and how enjoyable it has been to have to our pupils back in school learning – where they belong.

I always taken great pride in being the Headteacher of our school and look forward to making phase 2 another one of our successes.

Best wishes

David Young