Fire & Break In at WHEC

On Sunday 24th March at 0130, there was a break in, where two masked perpetrators set fire to a small area within the PE Department. Whilst there is relatively little physical damage, the resulting smoke and fire damage has meant that the PE Department will be closed to all users until further notice.

This morning (Monday 26th April) I met with CEC Facilities Management services, Fire and the Police services. Their forensic teams have the CCTV footage and are investigating the matter fully whilst we are arranging for specialist services to test the air quality and ensure there is no access to the damaged area.

Please be assured that Health and Safety is my first and foremost priority and we are doing everything to ensure the PE Department is operational as quickly as possible. I will update you on our progress throughout the week via the website.

Thank you for your patience during this temporary measure and as always for your continued support to make our school/centre the best it can be.