Expressive Arts


G Ogston                   Curriculum Leader / Drama

K Gray                       Drama

C Finch                      Art

R Stewart                  Art

A Leitch                     Music

Aims & Objectives

The Expressive Arts Faculty enables you to:

  • Have enjoyment in the Arts
  • Communicate your thoughts and feelings and ideas through Music, Drama and Art
  • Have an active and independent learning through a blend of classroom approaches and practical learning as well as visits to galleries, concerts and the theatre.
  • Collaborative learning and sharing ideas both individually and as part off whole class learning.
  • Collaboration projects that might include putting on a play or concert or holding an art exhibition.
  • Improve your literacy  skills by researching and presenting information; evaluating; discussing; listening; talking

In Music students study many topics such as Scottish Music; Playing in a rock band; World Music; Musical Library and Technology using Garageband

In Art and Design students will learn to enjoy drawing, painting, design and sculpture using different media. Whatever you explore whether painting a still life or creating a piece of sculpture in clay or wood you will have space for your own choice in the expressive and the design areas. You will also learn to solve problems, look at the work of other artist and discover the artist in you.

In Drama students learn about cooperation, creativity, problem solving, textual analysis, technical theatre and performance are the key focus of the subject throughout all stages of study. Students will develop social skills as well as specific drama and theatre skills that will serve them well in further study or employment.


Senior School

  • National 4 and 5 Art
  • National 4 and 5 Drama
  • National 4 and 5 Music
  • Higher Art
  • Higher Drama
  • Higher and Advanced Higher Music

S1-3 Curriculum for Excellence:

  • All Students in first year have the chance to enjoy an hour of Art, Music and Drama every week and develop their skills
  • S2/3 students can choose Art, Music or Drama as part of a broad general education offered by CfE

Supported Study

The faculty offers supported study after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 5.00pm and drop in and by appointment for Art.

Drama has supported study on a Wednesday and Friday after school until the exams in May.

Music has supported study for National 4, National 5 and Higher students on a Tuesday after school until 5.00pm


Homework is given every week for S1-3 students’ for1 hour per week. S4-6 homework is an integral part of the course work and work not finished in class is given as homework.

Useful Websites


Drama (especially for Higher)