Covid19 asymptomatic test kits are now available for all S1- S6 pupils

Covid19 test kits are now available for all secondary school pupils.  Testing is voluntary and no one will be required to undergo testing without consent, or be excluded from school if they do not wish to take the test.

What you as a Parent/Carer need to do next :

Step 1 – Read attachment 1 and 2 NHS Intro and How to do a Rapid Covid Test

Step 2 –Read attachment 3 the Parent Letter

Step 3 – If you would like your son/daughter to participate in the Testing programme you must consent prior to any testing kits being issued. Either print off the Pupil Consent Form (attachment 4) and return it to us in school or collect a testing information pack which is available from the school main entrance hall or the school office. *please note no Testing Kits can be issued to pupils unless you, as their parent, have key information and consent is shared and returned*

Finally we have included the privacy notice (attachment 5) for information to reassure you that your data is safe and you know how it is used.