Connecting Classrooms

SA VISIT1This week our school has been able to welcome Ms Bronwin Norman and Mrs Arlene Barlett from Barkly West high school, Northern Cape, South Africa. Both our schools are part of the Connecting Classrooms programme administered by the British Council. We receive support and funding to help our young people learn about global themes and become responsible global citizens, as well as giving them the skills to work in a worldwide economy.

Curriculum Leader, Mr Stuart Sinclair, said “Last year Connecting Classrooms enable us to work on classroom-based projects on global warming and renewable energy together with our partners in South Africa. This gave our young people a unique and hands-on international learning experience. This year students have been able able to participate in a cross curricular investigation into housing and land reform in conjunction with Barkly West High School. Our partnership brings very many benefits to the education of children and young people, both in the classroom and in their all-round appreciation and understanding of the world around them”