Changes to the school’s Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

The city-wide project to upgrade ICT across schools, nurseries and community centres has started. This will enable the school to provide flexibility in the use of ICT across the curriculum, meeting the needs of learners and teachers, now and in the future. It will make it much easier for our pupils and teachers to access ICT and the internet using a variety of devices, ranging from mobile phones through to tablets and laptops.

What will change?

  • the school’s broadband connection will be increased during 2013 improving internet speeds and allowing access to video content previously unavailable;
  • the majority of our computers will be replaced with new PC desktops and laptops in the Summer of 2012;
  • we have the opportunity to supplement these with other types of devices, due to the introduction of a separate wireless network which allows a range of devices from phones and tablets through to laptops to access the internet;
  • access to this separate wireless network will still be controlled through the use of a username and password and there will be security filters on this network, so sites like Facebook will still not be accessible;
  • non-personal information will be stored in Microsoft 365 for Education’s Cloud, allowing staff and pupils to collaborate anywhere, anytime.