BillBoard: A Sculpture by Kevin Harman at WHEC


WHEC in partnership with The Art Room charity has launched BillBoard, an installation work by artist Kevin Harman in the main playground of the school.  BillBoard will become a platform for messages and images that will change every two weeks as part of an interactive programme.


Kevin Harman, an ex-student of WHEC has been an important supporter of The Art Room and said of this project, “the School is a place close to my heart. It had a formative effect on my commitments to becoming an artist.  I needed to produce something for all; to try and adopt the WHEC slogan which says, ‘together we will succeed’.”


The Art Room believes in learning and achieving through art. Since opening at WHEC over 40 students have used The Art Room, and this year the intervention is being extended to the neighbouring associated primaries.


Sheila Paton, Head Teacher of WHEC said of the project, “It is extremely exciting to welcome Kevin Harman back to WHEC and to be able to tap into his creativity as an inspiration for our students. The BillBoard promises to be an ongoing story and we look forward to seeing how the students react to it.”


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