‘ASDA Price’ for WHEC Breakfast club

Asda ChequeIf Students are to be able to concentrate fully on their learning then a nutritious and healthy start to the day is essential. In 2011 our youth worker, Shirley Menzies, began a Breakfast club, with the initial aim of ensuring that all of our young people, who needed to, were able to start the day with food.


Over the years however we have realised that our Breakfast Club is meeting a whole variety of support needs.


Starting at 7.30 a.m. youngsters of all ages from drop into our Club. Students learn about healthy options, are encouraged to include fruit and fibre, and to have a balanced and varied diet.


The Students learn how to enjoy a social meal. They are responsible for making their own toast, pouring cereal or porridge and doing their dishes before leaving.


The club also provides a safe and warm haven for Students arriving early in the morning, particularly during the winter months.


Our whole school attendance is now consistently above 91% and having a nurturing and safe environment and providing a hot meal for some of our young people has contributed to this improvement. High attendance is inextricably linked to raising attainment.


The Students enjoy meeting a mix of pupils of all ages – apparently it is the place to be for the most up to date gossip!

Sheila Paton Principal, Wester Hailes Education Centre