Young Entrepreneurs at Work

After several weeks of hard work, the S2/3 Young Entrepreneur class held their Christmas Sale. Both the staff and pupils who visited and bought the craft items, designed and created by each group of pupils, supported the sale.

One group created decorative table decoration in the form of glittering Christmas Trees, another created tree decoration and the final group created cards with a variety of designs using Hama beads, buttons and coloured card.

Activities that were carried out through this project were teamwork, numeracy, marketing, time management, budgeting, problem solving and negotiation. The final part of the work was to present their idea, as well as their results, to Colin Richards, Director of Alchris, a project management company. All pupils did very well, with everyone taking part in the presentation. Colin has positive feedback for all pupils and was impressed by the work they had put in to their businesses.

Although profit was not the main aim of this activity, it is good to report that the majority of the money borrowed to run each business, was repaid. The pupils decided that the profit made should be donated to charity; the charity chosen was Social Bite, to buy a Christmas dinner for a homeless person.