Wednesday study programme 6th and 13th January

Please find a copy of our study programme for Wednesday 6th and 13th January 2021. There is a wide selection of courses and programmes for your son/daughter to choose and I would ask that they complete this Form and send it back as soon as possible and no later than Wednesday 16th December.


You can see a full list of courses in the link below:

WHEC Wednesday supported study 6th and 13th January

Things to consider:

*REMINDER this sign up is for a two week block (the same subjects for these 2 Wednesdays)

A double period in a subject area is strongly recommended to make the most of the time.

Step 1 –           Look at your most recent reports and discuss your progress with your                           teachers. Decide which subjects you need time in.

Step 2 –           Look at the timetable on the website/TEAMS

Step 2 –           Decide what you want to go to (remember – subjects in blue are not                              available this time.)

Step 3 –           Complete the form