Wednesday afternoons are back for all S4/S5 and S6’s!

All pupils should return to school Wednesday afternoon P6+P7 from Wednesday 23rd November.

Please find a copy of our study programme for Wednesday 25th November 2020. There is a wide selection of courses and programmes for your son/daughter to choose and I would ask that they complete this Form and send it back as soon as possible and no later than Monday 23rd November.

You can see a full list of courses in the link below:

WHEC Closing the Gap Strategy Wednesday 23rd November

Things to consider

A double period in a subject area is strongly recommended to make the most of the time.

Step 1 Look at your most recent report

Step 2 Look at the programme on the website

Step 3 Decide CAREFULLY what you want to go to

Step 4 Complete the FORM online using the link below or the QR code.