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D Heritage                Curriculum Leader

S Valentine               Business Education

A Stanley                  Craft, Design & Technology

B Ferguson               Computing

D Stirling                   Technician

Aims & Objectives

The atmosphere in the Technologies Faculty is supportive, challenging and creative. The Faculty has developed an ethos of using technology to actively engage pupils in their learning. All staff are also developing skills in more than one discipline which helps to provide the innovation and flexibility required to effectively deliver a broad curriculum. The faculty sets and expects high standards of work and engages students through a variety of teaching styles.


Senior School:

  • National 4 Administration & ICT
  • National 4, 5 and Higher Business Management
  • Employability & Enterprise Wider Achievement Award
  • National 4 and 5 Woodworking Skills
  • National 5 and Higher Design and Manufacture

S1-3 Curriculum for Excellence:

  • All students follow a common Technology course in S1 which allows them to further develop their practical skills using ICT and in the workshop. It is designed to develop entrepreneurial knowledge and understanding, design and manufacture skills and problem solving abilities through a range of practical tasks
  • In S2/3 each student will receive an hour a week of common technologies to ensure that they are covering all of the Technologies Experiences and Outcomes
  • In S2/3 students can select a broad general education through two technology subjects from ICT, Business Management and Craft Design and Technology.

Supported Study

  • Design and Manufacture Nat 5/Higher – Friday after school
  • Business Management Nat 5/higher – ‘Open door’ policy at lunch times


Home learning activities are set regularly for the senior classes. The more practical classes and common Technology courses do not have specific homework set due to the practical nature of the course.

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