Teams Support

Accessing Teams

Teams is a part of the Office365 suite and so is accessed by going to or clicking on the “Office 365” page under “Home Learning Hub” section of the website. You can also access Team via the Teams app which can be downloaded on iPad or your own personal device if you choose to do so.

After clicking on the Office365 link, you will be redirected to a page where the pupil will have to enter their Scottish Candidate Number and password, just like they were signing in on a school computer, this will then redirect you to the Office365 homepage where you can access Teams and all other Microsoft applications.

Using Teams

Below is a short video which demonstrates the key functions of Microsoft Teams. Please note we advise that pupils access Teams via the URL:, the link on the school website or through the Teams App (mentioned above). The video provides a guide on how to use Microsoft Teams. The video is only 8 minutes long but it is very clear and comprehensive.