Spaces for People: moving forward

Many of you will have seen some of the temporary ‘Spaces for People’ measures at schools and around the city that are helping people to physically distance and travel safely during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve created extra space for pedestrians and wheelchairs in shopping areas as well as putting protected cycle lanes on some main roads. There’s also extra space for exercise in some areas. You can find out more about these measures at

We’re now considering whether to keep in place some of the temporary measures in place for a longer trial period so we can test them out when pedestrians and traffic begins to get back to normal. We want to do this as many of the temporary measures are likely to help us achieve the Council’s long-term objectives to improve how we travel, making it easier for people to get about, and to help us meet the city’s net carbon-free targets.

We’re keen to hear what people think about this and are seeking views from residents, businesses and key city organisations. Please fill in our online questionnaire. More information on