S2 Visit to Jupiter Artland

Accompanied by their art teachers and school librarian, S2 students recently visited Jupiter Artland: a sculpture park 15 minutes’ drive from the school and is one of the most interesting and exciting outdoor learning spaces in Edinburgh.

Our mentor for the day was Catherine who, through drenching rain, enthused students by guiding them amongst the huge variety of sculptures exhibited in the park. Students worked together, throughout the afternoon to produce their own 2D and 3D shape sculptures. On return to school, S2 became art critics sharing their feelings and opinions of the sculptures they had seen.

Stone Coppice, Andy Goldsworthy


Jakub says: Stone Coppice by Andy Goldsworthy MBE (sculptor, photographer, environmentalist) was my favourite because it looked cool and when you first see it you wonder: “How did he get that (huge) stone to stay in the middle of that tree”? A big truck was used, at night, to get lots of heavy stones lifted up and gently put in the middle of a tree – living, growing, changing sculptures. Looking at them made me feel relaxed, for some reason.

The Light Pours Out of Me, Anya Gallaccio

Demi describes the sculpture, The light pours out of me by Anya Gallaccio: It’s a sculpture kind of like a grotto. Anya Gallaccio constructed it by digging deep into the ground with a stair path leading down into it. The sculpture is made of amethyst crystals that grow to be smooth and jaggy – it makes you want to touch it which is exactly what the artist wanted people to do so they could feel the texture of it. It made me feel claustrophobic because it was quite small when everyone was in it. I appreciate it because it’s pretty inside.

Suck, Anish Kapoor

Quite a few of the students enjoyed the sculpture, Suck by Anish Kapoor. Ainslie comments: The square cage is what the hole is protected by. No-one knows how deep the hole is; it has this affect that makes you feel like you’re gonna get sucked in!

Weeping Girls, Laura Ford

John Paul reacted to Laura Ford’s Weeping Girls sculpture.They don’t have faces. Creepy but cool. I thought they were playing hide and seek and were a smaller version of Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels on TV!

In Memory by Nathan Coley is described by Amie as a piece of artwork to make you think about when someone dies and how we react to it. The graves weren’t real which made me confused as well as thoughtful about the work …a vibe of being happy and sad at the same time.


In Memory, Nathan Coley