Practical Cake Craft Course

Cakes4Throughout this academic year the students in the practical cake craft course have developed skills in cake baking and finishing techniques such as modelling, colouring, crimping and piping. The class has developed their knowledge and understanding of cake design and researched and produced their own celebration cake for their final assessment. The class has been very dedicated throughout the year, they have been very creative and have worked hard supporting one another to achieve the highest standards. Well done on producing such fantastic pieces of work.


Ashleigh Hibberd                    Teletubbies Birthday Cake

Shelley Hunter                        Gone Fishing Birthday Cake

Ursula Manandhar                 Wedding cake, flowers, bride and groom modelling

Alisha McNally                        Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

Ciaron McNeilage                   Thomas TheTank Birthday Cake

Samantha Morrison               1920s musical inspired birthday cake

Saleh Rajab                               Toy Story Birthday cake

Rebecca Shannly                     Finding Nemo birthday cake

Samantha Turton                    SpongeBob birthday cake