Partnership with Parents

Parent ConsultationIn session 2013-14 following consultation between staff and parents/carers we introduced “one to one” meetings between parents/carers and mentoring staff  to discuss the progress of students instead of traditional Parents Evenings. This new format meant that 90% of parents had at least one meeting to discuss the progress of their child in session 2013-14.

Meetings with your child’s mentor will be held in school and you will be contacted by the school to arrange a suitable date and time. We aim for each student to have a minimum of two meetings per session. Dates for session 2015-16 are listed below.

Session 2015-16

S4/S5/S628.10.15 - 12.11.1509.03.16 - 24.03.16
S318.11.15 - 03.12.1527.01.16 - 11.02.16
S1/S202.12.15 - 17.12.1527.04.16 - 12.05.16