Angles and Symmetry


Acute obtuse angles activity


Colour in symmetry activity

Draw the Line of Symmetry Worksheet

Greater than or less than a right angle activity

Is it a right angle activity

right angles activity

Missing angles activity


Lines of symmetry worksheets

Reflection Symmetry Activity

Shapes for Symmetry


Information Handling

Animal Habitat Tally Chart & Graph Activity Sheet


Smartie Maths Tallying and Bar Chart Activity Sheet

Spring block activity sheet


Tally marks activity sheet


Area Teejay 2a

Capacity and volume worksheet

Chocolate bar measuring

Consolidation of measurement p127-131TJ2b

Easter basket weight activity

Measuring volume activity

Reading scales activity

Reading scales millilitres activity

Reading scales on a meauring jug

Reading thermometers


An Hour Later Worksheet

Bus timetable activity

Converting 12 hour & 24 time

Converting Time table Worksheet

Digital and analogue clocks

Months of the Year Circle

O’clock half past & quarter past to times activity sheet

Quarter Past & Quarter to Times Activity Sheet

Telling the time

Telling the time in five minute intervals activity sheet



Numeracy Ninja Worksheets

1 timestable

2 timestable

3 timestable

4 timestable

5 Timestable

6 Timetable

7 Timestable

8 Timestable

9 Timestable

10 Timestable

24 hour clock

Adding whole numbers

Convert between fraction, decimals and percentages

Divide by 10, 100, 1000

Divide whole numbers

Doubling a single digit number

Doubling a two digit number

Fractions of an amount

Halving a single digit number

How many minutes

How many to a multiple of ten

Multiply 10, 100, 1000

Multiply whole numbers

Number bonds to 10

Number bonds to 20

Number Bonds to 100

Order of operations

Percentage of an amount

Place value

Round to significant number

Subtract whole numbers

Subtracting 10 from a number

Understanding multiplication as repeated addition


Addition with money

Calculate the cost of carpet

Calculating change from 20p

Check your change 2

Check your change

Cinema visit budget

Counting mixed coins

Different coin combinations

How much does the ice cream cost

How much money

Measure and money problems




Theme park activity

Estimation and Rounding

Estimating and rounding

Estimating sums

Pick n’ mix

Rocket rounding

Round decimal numbers

Rounding challenges

Rounding Challenges

Rounding internet hack

Rounding p11-12 TJ2a

Rounding the agent’s mission

Superhero rounding to ten