National 3/4/5 class visit Standard Life Aberdeen

National 3/4/5 class visited Standard Life Aberdeen at Lothian House on Lothian Road on 26 September 2017.  It was a successful and interesting visit.  A brief talk was given by a staff member from each department we visited as well as a tour round various offices (it was a massive building, with 7 floors).  We saw a brief glimpse into the purpose of the following departments

Health and Safety
Cyber Security
Customer Relations

We also spoke with two young staff member who joined the business recently, one via the Edinburgh Guarantee Scheme (but link to Career Ready) and one who came through the Investment2020 program.  This was interesting as it showed how accessible employment can be in a global business.

Pupils behaved extremely well, they were well mannered, and very smart looking in their uniform (some in blazers) and were engaged at each stage.  When asked for questions they responded well and were interested in the responses they were given by staff.  Thanks to Standard Life Aberdeen and to the pupils of the National 3/4/5 class for a great morning out of school.