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The School Library at Wester Hailes Education Centre

The School Library at Wester Hailes Education Centre, is a bright, welcoming and vibrant space where our students are supported by a full time, professional Librarian. Located on the ground floor of the main Teaching Block, the Library is at the heart of the school, easily accessible to all Faculties to support teaching and learning

Students are encouraged to use the Library independently. To accommodate this, the Library is open to students

  •      in the morning from 8 o’clock
  •      throughout lunchbreak
  •     after school

The Library is very busy in the morning and lunchtime! The Librarian encourages students to read for pleasure – borrow books to take home and choose free books to keep, offered at World Book Day and Scotland Book Week.

Collaboration between teachers and Librarian, ensures students visit during class time:

  •  For curriculum investigation
  •  Access PCs, the internet and word processing,

 …and to meet authors!

Concentrating at the Chapters Group