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The School Library at Wester Hailes Education Centre

Last session we redesigned our school Library, extensively renovating it to provide a bright, welcoming and vibrant space where our students are supported by a full time, professional Librarian.

Students are encouraged to use the Library, independently, to select and discuss books, to study, to do homework …and to relax:

  • in the morning before school for 25 minutes
  • at lunchtimes for 25 minutes
  • after school for 25 minutes

The Library is very busy at these times! Students can borrow books and take them home for up to three weeks. The Librarian encourages students to make book suggestions as well as reserve popular book titles.


Collaboration between teachers and Librarian, ensures students also visit the Library during class time:

  • to work on curriculum investigation
  • to use computers to access the internet and word processing,
  • to watch webcasts and 24 hour news on the Library plasma TV
  • to exchange and select books for home loan
  •  …and to meet authors!

A recent government report stated:

“children who read for pleasure are successful in school”

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Most popular authors:Jeff Kinney,Cathy MacPhail,Michael Morpurgo,Jacqueline Wilson

Most borrowed titles this session: Roxy’s Baby and Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The Librarian uses numerous strategies to encourage and support our students to read for pleasure:

  • annual class visits to the Edinburgh’s International Book Festival,
  • author and poet visits which take place in the library
  • Scotland Book Week – Big Book Bash in the Library
  • World Book Day – free books and book vouchers to S1 students
  • National Poetry Day – poetry cards and verse
  • Chapters book club
  • Paired Reading
  • EAL student support
  • Writing reviews for publication in CEC Teen Titles


Senior students have private study time in the Library and may investigate issues of concern like, drug abuse, homelessness, mental well-being – using book or complementary on-line resources like. The Library subscribes to:

  • Issues-on-line
  • The Complete Issues.

Issues online

The Uersname and password for these can be obtained from the L.ibriarian and then may be accessed on any school or home computer.

Careers information is also located in the Library and our Careers Advisor holds career coaching interviews here during the school week.

Please contact the Librarian, Ms Brownlee, for any further information you might need.


Project Scrooge – inspired by The Lyceum’s production of A Christmas Carol.

As a school librarian it’s great to get involved in wider school initiatives, so I was pleased to join our school’s Project Scrooge team. Inspired by The Lyceum Theatre’s production of  “A Christmas Carol”, the project involved all of our S3 students. This year group was split into four teams working on different, creative aspects of Project Scrooge. The school Library was not only the space where daily planning meetings between school and Lyceum Theatre staff were held, but also the base of creative operations for the S3 “The Big Scoop” team! These students created a Dickensian word wall, as well as a present and future word wall – all researched in the Library.  In addition, five Victorian News Sheets were investigated, produced and authentically aged” in the Library! These were distributed to parents and friends on the evening of the Project Scrooge Experience. Under the watchful eye of the Lyceum team, The Big Scoop team also produced the project’s evening programme. The Library was certainly a hub of activity over the three project days!