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A Reid                      Curriculum Leader/English

E Sturm                   English

S Kordiak                 English

E Thorburn               English

M Steven                  French

Aims & Objectives

Within the context of Languages, as a team we aim to provide students with opportunities to develop their reading, writing, listening and talking skills in both English and French. Lessons are planned using formative assessment and co-op learning strategies to ensure that lessons are active, fun and meet the needs of the learners within the class. We promote positive behaviour through reward systems, with prizes and encourage pupils to participate in extra-curricular activities, like the French club and theatre trips.


Senior School:

  • National 3, 4, 5 & Higher French
  • National 3, 4, 5 and Higher English
  • National 3, 4, 5 and Higher Media Studies

S1-3 Curriculum for Excellence:

  • Broad course based on a thematic approach allowing students to share in the Modern Languages Outcomes and Experiences
  • Broad course designed to include tasks that allow students to share in all the Experiences and Outcomes in English and literacy.

Supported Study

French club – Tuesday lunchtime.

English – Wednesday after school for all levels.


S1-3 in English – 15 mins of reading each night and weekly exercises.

S4-6 in English – regular reading of a variety of texts and regular homework exercises and revision which should be 3-5 hours a week

French – 10 mins each night on French vocabulary and regular homework consisting of reading, writing and speaking exercises

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