Pupils should e-mail any completed work (this can be via an attachment or simply sending a picture of their work) directly to their subject teachers for assessment and marking.

Please return your work to your teacher to the email address below:

Ms Oliver             Kerry.Oliver@whec.edin.sch.uk

Miss Dawson             Rebecca.Dawson@whec.edin.sch.uk

If your child is unable to send the work back to the subject teachers then you can place a paper copy in the post box in the school entrance (please label the work with pupil name and teacher name) and the work will be passed onto the teachers.


Week beginning 18th January

S3 – L1 and 2. Vietnam Tactics – W/B-18-01-2021
S3 – L3 and 4. A Bright Shining Lie – W/B-18-01-2021
S3 – L3 and 4. A Bright Shining Lie – Transcript – W/B-18-01-2021

Week beginning 25th January

S3 – L5-6 My Lai Massacre – W/B-25-01-2021
S3 – L5-6 My Lai newspaper template – W/B-25-01-2021
S3 – Lesson 7 & 8 – Anti war – W/B-25-01-2021
S3 – Lesson 7 Cartoon analysis worksheet – W/B-25-01-20201
S3 – Lesson 8 – Photo worksheet – W/B-25-01-2021

Week beginning 1st February

S3-Lesson 9 & 10 – Anti War-W/B-01-02-2021
S3-L11 and 12-Why US Lost-W/B-01-02-2021

Week beginning 15th February

S3- L13-15. End of Cold War-W/B-15-02-2021
S3- L13. Detente Guided Reading-WB-15-02-2021
S3- L14. Reagan and Gorbachev-WB-15-02-2021

Week beginning 22nd February

S3- L16-19 End of Cold War-WB-22-02-2021
S3- L16 Make the Middle Box Happen WB-22-02-2021
S3- L17 Emoji WB-22-02-2021
S3- L17. Essay plan

Week beginning 1st March

S3- L20-22. Cold War Film Review WB-01-03-2021
S3- L20-22 Bridge of Spies Viewing Sheet WB-01-03-2021
S3- L23. The New Cold War WB-01-03-2021

Week beginning 23rd August

S3- L1 Birth of Mary WB-08-03-2021
S3- L1. Family tree WB-08-03-2021
S3- L2. Scottish society 1500s WB-08-03-2021
S3- L3. Martin Luther and Reformation WB-08-03-2021
S3- L3 Colour code WB-08-03-2021
S3- L4-5. The Rough Wooing WB-08-03-2021
S3-L4. The Rough Wooing-WB-08-03-2021

Week beginning 30th August

S3- L6- Reformation WB-15-03-2021
S3- L6 – The reformation worksheet WB-15-03-2021
S3- L7- Marys First Marriage WB-15-03-2021
S3- L7 – Mary’s First Marriage WB-15-03-2021
S3- L8 – Mary’s Rule WB-15-03-2021