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Higher 2015 Paper

Higher 2016 Paper

Higher 2017 Paper

Higher 2018 Paper

Higher 2015 Paper Marking Instructions

Higher 2016 Paper Marking Instructions

Higher 2017 Paper Marking Instructions

Higher 2018 Paper Marking Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE: All past papers can be found on the Higher Past Papers CD you have already been provided with. All accompanying audio files for the above past papers can be found on your OneDrive in Office 365. The file is your shared files and is called “Higher Past Papers”.

Useful Links

These websites cover all concepts from N3-Adv. Higher. 

Please revise concepts from N3-Higher to prepare for your exam. 


Password = “music17” 

  • Use “connect fours”, quizzes and practice tests for your revision. 


No password required 

  • YouTube videos provided for more revision of concepts. 


  • Choose “secondary” 
  • Under “Scotland” choose from 3rd level, 4th level. National 4, Nationla 5 and Higher
  • Choose “Music” from the list of subjects 
  • Explore the “Understanding Music” section – use audio and video clips for your revision.