Health & Wellbeing

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M Paton               Curriculum Leader – Home Economics

M Ritchie              Physical Education

S Clark                 Physical Education

Aims & Objectives

The Health and Wellbeing Faculty aims to provide a stimulating learning environment for all ability levels. We attempt to realise the maximum potential of each of our students, from S1 to adults, by employing appropriate teaching methods and approaches. The Faculty motto is “High Expectations, No Excuses”.


Senior School:

  • Core Physical Education (S4/5/6)
  • National 4/5/Higher Physical Education
  • National 5 Dance
  • Skills for Work Sports and Recreation Level 4/5
  • Sports or Dance Leadership Level 4/5
  • National 4/5 Hospitality
  • Early Education & Childcare Level 4/5
  • Wellbeing award – Health and Nutrition Level 3/4/5
  • REHIS Food Hygiene Certificates
  • Youth Coaching Qualification

S1-3 Curriculum for Excellence:

  • CFE Broad General Education Home Economics
  • CFE Broad General Education Physical Education
  • Heart Start First Aid Qualifications

Supported Study

  • Higher PE – Mon & Tues lunchtime and Wednesday after school
  • Senior Hospitality – Wed lunchtime and Tuesday after school
  • Early Education & Childcare – Monday after school
  • S1/2/3 – drop in homework clubs for PE and HE

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Table tennis – Tuesday lunchtime
  • Badminton – Thursday lunchtime
  • Basketball – Snr girls Mon 3.40pm/S1-3 boys Tues 3.40pm/Snr Boys Thurs 3.40pm
  • Rugby – Mon 3.40pm
  • Parkour – Mon 3.40pm
  • Football – S1-3 boys Wed 3.40pm
  • Dance – Fri 12.45pm

Partner Agencies

  • Novotel – future chef
  • Active Schools Partnership
  • AEGON – Technologies Partnership
  • Community Programmes – Adult classes
  • Heartstart UK
  • REHIS – HE curriculum
  • Skills for Work courses – Primary/Nursery placements
  • Olympics Get Set Programme
  • Scottish Rugby Union
  • Gymnastics UK Forum
  • Healthy Living Scotland
  • Sports Education Scotland
  • Scottish Dance Academy
  • Glasgow Rocks Basketball Training Camps
  • Young Ambassadors Programme
  • Forrester Rugby Club



  • Home Economics – homework is set as outlined in the Pupil Workbook.  Project based work will be ongoing extended pieces of work to be completed in school and at home.
  • Physical Education – homework is set as outlined in the Pupil Workbook.   All pupils should be regularly practicing learnt techniques and skills at home.

Senior Classes

  • Hospitality Intermediate 1 & 2 – Homework will be the revision of knowledge and understanding, or planning, reading and researching information for future class use.
  • Early Education And Childcare – regular homework at least once a week
  • Sports and Recreation – issued on a weekly basis
  • Well being Award – students will be asked to keep records of health throughout the course and will be expected to complete project work at home regularly
  • P.E Intermediate 1 & 2 – Homework is issued regularly, average every two weeks
  • P.E Higher – issued once a week and practical activity sessions after school and at lunchtimes are offered to pupils to help improve technique throughout the year

Useful Websites

Twitter account – @WesterHailesHWB

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