GEOBUS visit – 2013

Earth Science 411The entire S2 year group were invited along to work with the Geobus team in October. GeoBus is a cross curricular school visit, based around hands-on and interactive learning.

Pupils participated in an enterprise challenge that encouraged them to think about how to develop an efficient and cost effective wind farm in teams.

Activities included mapping and costing a new wind farm, designing and testing a wind turbine (see photo). The latter led to the most fun as some turbines were ‘blown away’ and others failed to move at all! Wind turbine’s electricity generation was tested and the winning team was the one to produce the greatest average power.

We asked the Geobus to work with our pupils as part of our ‘connecting classrooms’ project with our partner school in South Africa – Barkly West. This year’s theme includes Renewable Energy and both schools are teaching about the topic. The experience built upon the curriculum of Science and Geography which really helped pupils to link classroom work with the real world.

Career prospects in the Renewable Energy Industry are generally very good at the moment and we hope that this little insight into the industry has helped pupils think about what jobs they might like in the future.