Game on at Wester Hailes Education Centre

GameOnThe pupils at the school every year have a new HWB theme – over the last two year’s we have been working with Education Scotland and the Game On Commonwealth Education Team under the theme of the Commonwealth. Pupils across every subject are able to touch on and work through topics which are meaningful and current. It has helped them gain a full understanding what the games are about and helped to further engage pupils in the lead up to the Games themselves. We are not only engaging our pupils in the secondary school but all our associate primaries who have linked in through Commonwealth theme through involvement in our cluster initiative programme. We have had a variety of success within our Game On challenge including visits from Holly Cram Commonwealth Ambassador working with pupils and a visit from Commonwealth Gold Medallist Sarah Clark who is working closely with the school to help further engage pupils. So we are very proud and delighted to receive a certificate to let us know we have completed our challenge and we are ready to take on the next one this year with continued support from Game On.

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