Equalities Group

The school has recently launched an Equalities Group. The group was set up in order to help promote positive relationships in our school. We want WHEC to be the most inclusive school it can be, and the group will focus on Anti-Bullying and inclusion through whole school campaigns, influencing the way bullying is recorded and dealt with and offering support for any pupils who are experiencing difficulties in school.

Currently our group consists of around 20 pupils but we are keen to have as many pupils on board as possible and always welcome new members. We will be offering a weekly drop in lunch group with our staff on Wednesday afternoons and then will meet formally as a group every 6 weeks.

Our first meeting (pictured) took place on Wednesday 18th September and during this time our pupils began to work on a child friendly version of our Equalities & Anti-Bullying policy (which you can see here). This will be launched next week at assemblies and it will be on display around the school and in every classroom. Our next meeting will focus on creating an Anti-Bullying Campaign for Anti-Bullying week in November.

Some of our pupils had the fantastic opportunity to attend the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador training and will be putting everything they learned into practice for our 2019 campaign. Other members of our group attended Stonewall LGBT workshops and we will be looking to promote LGBT inclusion around school in the coming weeks and months.

If you would like to know more about the group or are interested in joining – please speak to Miss Meikle or pop along to our Wednesday lunch club in the Reading Room!