Easter School 2022 – Tuesday 19th April 2022 – Thursday 21st April

Easter school is an excellent opportunity for pupils in S4, S5 and S6 and provides a significant opportunity to catch up on face to face learning.

  1. Staff are giving up their time (and holidays) to support pupil achievement therefore pupil conduct and behaviour must be of the highest standard.
  • Although COVID restrictions are changing we recommend pupils
  • Wear a face covering unless medically exempt
  • Sanitise hands on entry and exit
  • Social distance, where possible, in all indoor areas.
  • Easter school takes place in 2 blocks

Morning                       0930 –  1200

Afternoon                    1230 – 1500

  • All pupils should arrive outside the main green gate for Easter School 10 mins prior to the start of each session- 0920 for morning session and 1220 for afternoon session. They will be met there by a member of the School Management team and allowed entry.
  • In some subjects, places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Once capacity limits are reached pupils will not be able to access this subject.
  • There is no lunch provision in school. Pupils should bring a packed lunch with them or equivalent- especially if they are in school for the entire day.

Easter School Sessions

SubjectLevelDateTime / Room
ArtNational 5/Higher Tuesday 19th April0930-1200 Art Department
Art    National 5/HigherTuesday 19th April12:30-15:00 Art Department
Art National 5/HigherWednesday 20th April09:30-12:00 Art Department
DramaNational 5Tuesday 19th April0930-1200 Drama Department
DramaHigher Wednesday 20th April0930-1200 Drama Department
English   National 5Wednesday 20th April0930-1200 Room 201
EnglishHigherWednesday 20th April0930-1200 Room 203
HistoryNational 5Tuesday 19th April0930-1200 Room 307
HistoryHigherTuesday 19th April0930-1200 Room 307
MathsNational 5Thursday 21st April0930-1200 Room 107
MathsNational 5Thursday 21st April12:30-15:00 Room 107
Maths       HigherThursday 21st April0930-1200 Room 108
PEHigherThursday 21st April0930-1200 PE Department
PEHigherThursday 21st April00930-1200 PE Department
SpanishNational 5Wednesday 20th April0930-1200 Room 208