Crack Down on People Who Start Fires


News Item from Scottish Fire and Rescue Service & Crimestoppers.

What’s the problem?

Every day, almost 100 fires are deliberately started in Scotland. These fires blight our neighbourhoods and can sometimes cause injury or even death.

What are we going to do?

All calls will be followed up. There will be on-the-spot fines for over 16s. Under 16s may be made to attend a Children’s Hearing and will get special fire awareness education to make them more aware of the dangers of fire-setting. Parents of repeat offenders could face eviction.

How you can help – don’t accept it, report it.

All we want you to do, is tell us anything you know about fires that have been started in your area. Call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously if you have information about who is responsible. You won’t have to give your name or go to court.

For more information on Crimestoppers please click on the link below.



Scottish Fire and Rescue Service – How we can help

If you have any concerns about a young person playing with or showing an unhealthy interest in fire, please contact your local community fire station.

For more information on Scottish Fire and Rescue please click on the link below.