Career Ready

careeers-ready-2 Career Ready is an amazing opportunity, putting students directly in touch with employers from all areas of work. Career Ready is designed to enhance and give the skills needed to get the career after school and spans and spans over a two year mentoring programme. On Friday 23rd of September our 6th year student Demi- Leigh Duffy was Joined on stage with her mentor, Michelle Martin (Scottish Gas) to give a presentation to over 140 new mentors (People in business).

At the mentor briefing Demi and Michelle shared their Career Ready story so far, what it was like to meet for the first time, how they communicated, the internship and how Demi’s skills, qualities and confidence has grown. Demi confidently answered questions from the audience and was a credit to the school in her professional and well-presented manner. Well done Demi – Miss Simpson