Andy Briggs – writer/author extraordinaire!

Andy1Andy Briggs, author of the new Tarzan novels, numerous graphic novel series and Video Games visited our school for a whole afternoon, this week. Our small audience, consisting of new S2 students from both Gracemount High School and WHEC, was greatly entertained by Andy as he convinced them that writing was the best job …IN THE WORLD! He told the captivated students of all the cool places he’d visited and cool stuff he’d done because he’s an author, a writer! All the students were enthralled by his tales of working at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, USA. They had fun doing a quiz to see which of them would become a super hero and which the dastardly evil master villain! Andy is passionate about animal conservation. He researched gorillas in the Congo in Africa before he wrote the Tarzan books and actually was held by one, ridden an elephant whose back was so hairy, it gave him an itch (!) and … he’s also eaten bugs in the Australian outback. Andy advised our young people to act on their IDEAS. Don’t ignore them, don’t go to KFC- instead, write about your idea, use your imagination!! Andy’s latest book is Iron Fist (Inventory series – pronounced in the American manner!) He finished off his afternoon with us by signing books and he and his publisher commented on how well the students from both schools worked together. A big thank you to Lynne Brown, Gracemount High School librarian and her students, for joining us for lunch and attending this joint school event. Our local electronic newspaper the Digital Sentinel also reported on Andy’s visit, to read the article please click on the link. www.digitalsentinel

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